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Apple Pay & Google Pay donations

Empower donors to give securely in a matter of seconds using their favorite digital wallet by automatically showing the right option based on the donor's device.

Accept digital wallet donations on Givebutter

Delight your donors by allowing them to contribute to your cause using the most popular digital wallets: Apple Pay and Google Pay. When you use Givebutter’s free fundraising tools to create a donation form, fundraising page, or fundraising event, we’ll automatically display the right digital wallet option based on a donor’s mobile device or whether they're on a Safari or Chrome desktop browser.

One place for every digital wallet donation

When supporters donate with digital wallets, their contact information is automatically integrated into your donor database on Givebutter. You can use Givebutter’s nonprofit CRM to automate donation receipts, analyze your data, and segment donor groups for personalized emails and texts—all in one place, all completely free.

Skip the middle man

With Givebutter, you get to avoid the tedious process of creating an Apple Pay or Google Pay account for your nonprofit and manually adding these as payment methods to your giving forms. We’ve done all the hard work for you, so you can immediately accept payments from these digital wallets on all of your campaigns.

Do more with digital wallets

Speedy payments

Not only can donors give quickly through Apple Pay and Google Pay, but Givebutter also offers other convenient payment methods, such as Venmo, PayPal, and a whole lot more.

Streamlined payouts

Donations from digital wallets are stored with funds from every other payment method, so you can withdraw all of your funds together at any time.

Donor-covered fees

Givebutter is completely free and gives donors the option to cover the fees payment processors like Apple Pay and Google Pay typically charge, so you can keep more of what you raise.

“We like that donors have a variety of giving sources that they can select and that they are available all in one place. No need to give different links for different types: Apple Pay, PayPal, etc. This was our organization's first attempt at using Givebutter for a campaign, and it exceeded our expectations. We really liked that the giving page was simple and easy to use.”

Jesse Rincones
Executive Director, Convencion Bautista Hispana de Texas

How to accept Apple Pay and Google Pay donations

Sign up for a free Givebutter account

Begin collecting digital wallet donations immediately when you sign up for your free Givebutter account—no Apple Pay or Google Pay account needed! Sign up –>

Choose your campaign type

When nonprofits create a fundraising page, donation form, or event, Givebutter automatically adds Apple Pay or Google Pay based on the donor’s device or browser compatibility.

Spread the word

Donors appreciate digital wallets because of their convenience and security—so make sure to let your supporters know that they can donate with Apple Pay and Google Pay! 

Start accepting Apple Pay & Google Pay donations with Givebutter

Digital wallets for donations, events, and more

With Givebutter, donors can use Apple Pay and Google Pay to make one-time or recurring donations, buy event tickets, and purchase auction items online without having to pull out their wallets. 

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