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Recurring donations

Create sustainable revenue for your cause by accepting monthly, quarterly, and annual donations on donation forms, fundraising pages, or directly on your website.

Future-proof your fundraising with recurring giving

With Givebutter, you can enable recurring donations on every fundraising form, donate button, website embed, and event page you create. Donors get to choose their giving frequency, pick from a wide variety of payment methods, and update their plans whenever they want.

Customize the donor experience

Choose which recurring giving frequencies—monthly, quarterly, or annually—to display on your donation forms alongside suggested amounts and descriptions tailored to your programs. Encourage recurring giving from the get-go by selecting a default frequency.

Engagement tools are baked in—not tacked on

Givebutter’s free nonprofit CRM and donor engagement tools make it easy to accept recurring donations, track and analyze donor data, segment supporter groups, and build relationships with your recurring donors through multiple channels—all in one place, all for free.

User-friendly features for you and your donors

Convenient donor profiles

Recurring donors can manage their plan, update their payment method, view donation receipts, and more through a self-service donor portal.

Automatic notifications

Get updates in real-time as donors initiate recurring gifts, make any changes to their plans, or if a recurring payment has failed.

Seamless migrations

Easily migrate an unlimited number of recurring donors to Givebutter from other fundraising platforms that use Stripe for payment processing.

"Givebutter seems to truly understand nonprofits—especially those on the smaller side who can't always justify the platform fees associated with other companies. Before we switched, our ratio of recurring donations to platform fees was upsetting. Now all those donations go straight to our organization and our mission! Plus, Givebutter's customer service is truly incredible."

Amanda Reese
Director of Operations, Open Aid Alliance

How to set up recurring donations

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‍Create your free Givebutter account and start your first campaign (donation form, fundraising page, event, or auction) in minutes. Recurring donations are automatically enabled for every campaign when you sign up. Sign up ->

Customize recurring giving options

For each campaign, you can write custom donation amounts and labels, choose which recurring donation options you want to display, and even select a default frequency.

Spread the word

Encourage recurring donations on your giving forms, event pages, and website! If you’re migrating from another fundraising platform, let your recurring donors know how easy it is to make the switch.

Accept recurring donations with Givebutter

More than just a recurring donation platform

When you sign up for a free Givebutter account, you get access to all of Givebutter’s best-in-class fundraising solutions.

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