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Make mobile giving as easy as snapping a picture with automatically generated QR codes that bring supporters to your donation form in seconds.

Raise more with QR codes for donations 

For every campaign you create, Givebutter automatically generates a free QR code that’s easy to access and share with your donors on printed materials, live display, and anywhere online.  

Promote your donation forms, fundraising pages, and events

Scan-to-donate optimizes mobile giving across every kind of campaign on Givebutter. You can display QR codes that seamlessly link to the ticketing page for your annual spring gala, your general donation form, your year-end fundraising drive—or all of the above!

Even more to melt over

Multiple payment methods

Scan-to-donate works with every payment Givebutter offers, including major credit/debit cards, Venmo, PayPal, digital wallets, and more. 

Fast mobile giving

With just a couple of taps, your supporters can quickly access and contribute to your campaign on any mobile device. 

Digital and print friendly

Display QR codes for donations anywhere donors will be—including on your nonprofit flyers, tables during a fundraising event, direct mail appeals, and the home page on your website. 

“The variety of methods to give—including scan-to-donate, text-to-donate, and personalized landing pages—allow us to use targeted methods to attract different donor segments to the same campaign.”

Jon LeRoy
Administrative Assistant, Perinton Ambulance

How to create a QR code for donations

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Choose your campaign type

Scan-to-donate works with every kind of Givebutter campaign, so select from donation forms, events, auctions, and fundraising pages to get started.

Display your QR code

QR codes for campaigns will automatically appear in your dashboard when you create a fundraiser, so you can download and display them online, IRL—or both!

Start using scan-to-donate with Givebutter

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